Bali Safari Tours

Yuukkk....manjakandiri berlibur ke Bali, dengan pengemudi profesional dan pemandu wisata di sisi Anda. Dengan Bali Safari Tours Anda akan berkendara di jalan desa kecil, berhenti di pasar lokal, tetapi juga menunjukkan situs utama Bali. Pelajari tentang budaya Bali, pertanian padi yang istimewa, dan rasakan keindahan pedesaan yang luar biasa.


Find Your Perfect Tour

a day trip to the nature of the western part of Bali. Beautifull rice fields, mountains, trekking, a spice market. more info

the classical tour to the most famous villages, temples,volcanoes and rice terraces in the centre of the island. more info

a jeep tour to the dramatic landscapes and time forgotten villages of east Bali. more info

three beaches and coral reef snorkelling, a jeep tour to Balis east coast. more info

a day trip to the famous waterfalls and waking in cool bamboo forests. more info

your private ideas and our experience for the perfect individual tour. more info

west and central bali and the mountains with a great overnight stay at the  beach of the norther coast.

more info

a tour all around to the beatifull parts of Bali. rice fields, mountains, trekking, a spice market.

more info

this tours cover most of the islands landscapes and you stay overnight at unforgettable scenic places.

more info

Who We Are

About Us

To experience”the real Bali” on a regular bus tour around the island is sometimes disappointing. When we first got sight of the VW 181 safari jeeps the idea to conduct tours using this phantastic car was created, It didnt take long and our customers enjoyed lovely trips around the island.
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